Man arrested in murder of popular musician outside Tattoo Museum



Baltimore police released the surveillance video just a couple of days after Popular musician Jim Forrester was murdered outside the Tattoo museum in Upper Fells Point last month.

It was one of those cases that riled the city because of how random and pointless it all was, more so than most. 

Just days before the new year his wife Tina attended a citywide vigil for all 343 murder victims in a record breaking 2017...hoping her words can affect some sort of change.

"I want to see all of these people that came here with pictures of their loved ones and not their loved ones to have justice,” Tina Forrester said at the December 28th vigil, “I want them to have answers. I want accountability, I want change. I know it doesn't happen overnight, but it's not going to happen by reminding us how many there are."

Well it did not happen overnight but just shy of a month later, Baltimore Police were able to announce the arrest of 29-year-old Michael Bailey of East Baltimore.

They say the clarity of the video and the tips it generated were a large part of how detectives were able to find their suspect.

Bailey is the man on the right on that video but detectives still need your help.

"We're asking people to continue to call in,” said Chief T.J. Smith, “We believe the video is of value that is you know of people in the video, you would know him and we were able to get an identification on this individual."

Police still need to identify the man on the left and are hoping the tips keep coming.

Detectives will not share with us if Bailey was the trigger man that night or not but as Chief Smith pointed out, both men are the reason Jim Forrester is no longer here.

"Regardless of which one ultimately had the gun or not, we believe based on our investigation both were involved and both were complicit with Mr. Forrester's death," Smith said.

According to court records, Bailey has an extensive criminal history including convictions for gun offenses, assaults, drugs and burglaries.

And now, just today police have added first and second-degree murder.

Still though police they say they need your help in identifying the second suspect in the Forrester homicide.

If you know anything they urge you to call 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

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