Man arrested for firing a gun after a dispute with neighbor

Posted at 9:18 AM, Feb 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-12 23:25:43-05

Baltimore City Police are investigating an incident in which a man was arrested for firing a gun during an argument with a neighbor.

According to police, around 10:00 p.m. officers were on patrol in the 3300 block of Spaulding Avenue when they were stopped by a citizen.

The person told officers he was having a dispute with his neighbor when this neighbor threatened him and fired a gun in an attempt to scare him.

Police say there were no injuries in this incident.

The suspect has been identified as 33-year-old Andolphus Covel.

He was arrested at the scene and transported to Central Booking.

Officers recovered the handgun used in this incident as well as other weapons at the scene.

Covel is charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and weapons related charges.