Baltimore Police identify man shot and killed by officer at Coppin State

Police still looking for second suspect
Posted at 1:16 PM, Dec 16, 2016

Baltimore Police identified the man who was shot and killed by a Coppin State police officer Tuesday night. 

Lavar Montray Douglas, 18, was shot after an officer on patrol in an unmarked car saw him leave the passenger side of a car in front of him and begin shooting at a car driving toward him.

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Douglas died later at an area hospital. 

The person who was driving the car Douglas was in left the scene, and Baltimore Police are still looking for him, police spokesman T.J. Smith said. Detectives would also like to talk to the target of the shooting who themselves have failed to come forward.

Chief Leonard Hamm, head of the Coppin State police department, said the officer involved in the shooting has been with Coppin State for 14 months.

He is on routine administrative leave, and police have declined to identify him due to the ongoing investigation, Hamm said. 

Surveillance video released by Baltimore Police Friday comes from two cameras. This video comes on the heels of several other recent violent and brazen crimes caught on camera and released to the public.

"I mean I start to sound a bit like a broken record that people have to see this. We talk about it way too often and people have to see what is going on," Smith said.

Police say this case is more right time, right place for the officer.  

While it is a university officer who used the deadly force, Baltimore Police Homicide is conducting the investigation.

While his internal investigation into this shooting is ongoing, Hamm, former Baltimore Police commissioner, is impressed with his officer's actions to neutralize what police say was an immediate threat to the community Tuesday night.

"A matter of seconds. Bang, bang, bang…a matter of seconds. And that is the amazing part of it and ya know again, you see that, I am an old time cop and I wonder if I would have done that or have been able to do that," Hamm said.

WMAR Staff contributed to this story.

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