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IRB interviewed more than 40 people in Detective Suiter death investigation

Posted at 6:53 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 12:11:28-04

The Independent Review Board tasked with investigating the death of Baltimore Police Homicide Detective Sean Suiter stood before a room of journalists last month and said they believe the detective killed himself.

In part, the seven-member panel relied on the interviews with more than 40 people, a list WMAR 2-News obtained Thursday and includes majors, the former commissioner, the medical examiner, BPD lieutenants, and sergeants.

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IRB Interviews

"You don't talk to anyone who was actually close to Sean?” Sean Suiter’s attorney Jeremy Eldridge asked, “How in God's name can you ever say you had any idea what was going on in his head."

It is who's not on this list that concerns Eldridge.

It has been the glaring criticism raised by many since the report was released.

Eldridge points out Suiter's direct sergeant doesn’t appear on this list, neither do some of his close colleagues, Eldridge himself, the Suiter family and most importantly, Sean's widow.

Reached for comment today, a spokesperson for the IRB said they did reach out to Nicole Suiter through her attorneys for an interview but it is a claim both she and her attorneys say is categorically untrue.

"It's very disingenuous to tell the public that you've talked to everyone involved, everyone close to him when you haven’t. Especially when you are lying to the public saying you've reached out to Nicole Suiter and tried to talk with her when you simply didn’t," Eldridge said.

Meanwhile, Nicole suiter's attorneys are waiting to see how this report is received by the medical examiner, that office is the only one that can change the detective's death from homicide to suicide.

It is a change the IRB’s report simply does not support Suiter's attorneys say, a view that has not changed since Nicole herself reacted to its finding the day it was released.

"Based on the fact that no one knew my husband better than I, I will not accept the untimely death of Sean as nothing other than a murder which is being covered up for reason that are unknown to me or my family," Suiter said last month.