Husband pleading for answers after wife raped in Baltimore cemetery

Posted at 3:31 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 07:18:53-04

A husband is now pleading for answers after his wife was robbed and raped at a cemetery in southeast Baltimore last week. 

Police made a sketch of one of the three men accused of raping the woman. 

The Voshell Gardens cemetery in the 5600 block of Cardiff Avenue is nondescript and there's very little lighting in the area causing problems and attracting unwanted guests according to neighbors. 

"...took pictures of her buck naked. They also raped her and they sodomized her," the victim's husband said. 

He was visibly shaken and in shock. 

Out of respect for his wife, ABC2 News chose not to reveal his face or his identity. 

"Mentally she's here, but not really. It's a lot that she's going through. But  I talk to her every day to check on her. I just wanted to believe that it wasn't true," he said describing his wife's current state. 

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The woman was visiting her mother-in-law's grave site, reflecting on she and her husband's relationship. 

That's when three men approached her and robber her of her phone, her cash, and then her body. 

"They found someone who was vulnerable and basically they took advantage of a bad situation," Det. Donny Moses, with the Baltimore Police Department, said. 

The victim gave Baltimore police a detailed description of the men. 

A sketch artist put together a drawing of one of the suspects based off of the victim's descriptions. 

"She went through a traumatic experience and she was able to get as much as she did on these suspects and at this point we're hoping that people can recognize, at least, the depiction that we've give you guys," Moses said. 

The victim's husband didn't recognize the photo, but both he and police are hoping someone will. 

"What they did to my wife was horrific and with the damage that she's going through, mentally and physically, I know it's pretty hard," he said.