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Homicides and shootings mount after another violent weekend in Baltimore

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-25 09:03:21-04

BALTIMORE — Since Saturday, 14 people have been shot in Baltimore — seven were murdered.

Baltimore Police say one of them was a man who ran off the road on Whittier Avenue in West Baltimore Sunday night.

Neighbors here heard the collision, “just like an accident, boom! Like somebody hit something, and that’s when the car went down in there.”

You can still see the tire marks down the hill, the crime tape is still up.

Police say it started a few blocks back when there was a collision between two cars.

The victim was able to drive away, but he was followed by the other car.

After the victim wrecked out down the hill, one or more suspects jumped out of their car and murdered the man.

Police say they used bricks. They beat him to death.

“This is being investigated as a homicide,” Detective Jeremy Silbert said. “We believe that one person, if not more, assaulted the victim. We believe that bricks and other objects may have been involved with the assault, so we are hoping someone comes forward.”

It was one of seven homicides since the weekend police say.

Another was a 19-year-old who was killed as part of a quintuple shooting on North Port Street in East Baltimore.

But the killings also continued into Monday, with two more people murdered mid-afternoon; one was killed West Baltimore and another in Northwest Baltimore.

The Baltimore Police Union weighed in with a tweet using the hashtag, #cityincrisis.

It also read that Baltimore Police has no plan to stop the violence, but the FOP declined again to do an on-camera interview to explain further.

Still, the fact remains, as we sit on June 24, Baltimore continues to surpass the violence with nearly 20 more murders than this time last year and more than a 20 percent spike in shootings.