Harlem Park community remains active crime scene after new evidence was found

Posted at 11:36 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 23:36:45-05

"I had to show my ID everytime I come and go and just being asked a lot of questions," said Kelly Bell.

This Harlem Park Neighborhood has been teaming with Police since last Wednesday when Detective Sean Suiter was shot in the head while investigating one of his murder cases.

"The violence, it's sad you know. We pay rent to have to deal with so much drama and violence, it's sad," said Bell.

No one sadder than the Suiter family left behind and the department he was a respected member of. Commissioner Kevin Davis saying new evidence found after his autopsy could bring them closer to his killer but forcing the crime scene to remain active longer than expected.

"We have today, five days after Detective Suiter was murdered, recovered additional significant evidence from the crime scene," said Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Commissioner Davis didn't elaborate on what was found but Baltimore officers along with other agencies like the ATF continued to cob this area.

"I asked a lot of questions, and unequivocally I was convinced then and remain convinced that holding the crime scene was the right thing to do," said Davis.

Davis, encouraged by the new evidence, said the original crime scene could be held for at least another day. Police say two people were questioned and released, those that call Harlem Park home are still scared.

"If it can happen to a homicide detective, it can happen to anyone and that's just what makes me scared to even come outside," said a resident of Harlem Park.