Gun violence rocks Baltimore, police asking for public's help to stop it

Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 05, 2016

Fourteen people were shot in six separate shootings from Saturday night to Monday morning.  Now both the police and the community are fed up.             

Four of those attacks were triple shootings. The most recent one happened early Monday morning in the 700 block of Mura Street.

No one was killed but two of those victims were in critical condition  The third victim was grazed by a bullet but refused medical attention.

Residents living near the scene of the crime say they're fed up with this violence and wonder if it will ever end.

"It's just getting to a daily basis it's just every day," said Reese, a young man that lives in the area.

"We need to put a stop to it.  We need to get these guns off the street and the drugs off the street," Inez Pinckney-Silvr, told ABC2.

Those are just two voices one Baltimore neighborhood, the scene of the city's most recent triple shooting.

"It's just really frustrating because we take steps to forward and then the bad guys that have these guns and are out in these streets and absolutely could care less about anyone are out there harming people," Baltimore Police Department spokesperson, T.J. Smith, said.

It all unfolded early Monday morning, no was killed, but the people who call these streets home, are sick of the shootings and violence.

"My oldest son was shot 8 years ago, he's paralyzed then my other son was shot," Pinckney-Silvr said through tears. I'm tired of the violence."

And she isn't alone.  People were hesitant to talk about the shooting, simply out of fear.

"There's no unity, i don't know, it's just crazy, it's crazy out here right now," said one resident.

This latest triple shooting left a man and woman shot in the neck and in critical condition.  The third victim, in her late 20's refused to be treated. 

"This weekend has been much more violent than a typical weekend in Baltimore," Smith said.

Neighbors say something has to change.

"People need to start coming together, we need to get rid of guns basically that's the problem."

"We're just really hoping that the community can assist us in getting these trigger pullers off the streets because it could be your family member that's next," said Smith.

BPD citywide shooting detectives are looking for the shooter.

If you have any information about the rash of shootings throughout the city over the last three days, call police.