Former Baltimore principal charged with money theft

Posted at 9:37 AM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 18:16:57-04

A former Baltimore Community High School principal was charged with thefts of money and property from the school.

Leslie Lewis, 44, is charged in a total of six counts. She was charged with three separate counts of theft, two counts of misappropriation by a fiduciary and one count of conspiracy to commit theft.

A colleague, Albert Fluker, was also charged with theft and conspiracy to commit theft.

The charges state Lewis stole approximately $13,409.28 from a PNC bank account, which she set up on behalf of Baltimore Community High School.

These funds were profit from sale of school supplies, uniforms, snacks, and class dues.

Lewis used an ATM debit card associated with the PNC account to make 49 withdrawals at Maryland Live Casino.

Lewis is also charged with stealing over $40,000 worth of technology from the school through an internal purchasing system.

Finally, the charged state Lewis and Fluker worked together to steal four flat screen televisions from the school.

State prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt said in a statement,

"There is no one more trusted and relied upon in the school system than a school principal. The betrayal of that trust by Ms. Lewis is monumentally offensive and cannot be tolerated."

The defendants are presumed innocent until a conviction is made. 

Baltimore City Schools released the following statement,

“Baltimore Community High School closed as of June 30, 2016. Albert Fluker was a temporary employee whose employment with Baltimore City Public Schools ended on that date. Employee Leslie Lewis is on leave," said Edie House Foster. "While City Schools does not comment on specific personnel or ongoing criminal matters, the district takes all allegations of employee misconduct seriously and investigates them thoroughly. Where appropriate, matters may also be referred to law enforcement agencies.”


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