Feds: Gang implicated in 10 Baltimore killings

Members of "Trained to Go" gang indicted
Posted at 4:24 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 06:56:45-04

The acting United States Attorney for the district of Maryland unsealed an indictment today charging 12 men in a racketeering conspiracy involving drugs and at least 10 Baltimore murders dating back to 2010.

The No. 1 name at the top of the indictment is Montana Barronette.

If that name sounds familiar, it should; just last August the Baltimore Police Department arrested Barronette saying he was the city's number one trigger puller.

At that point, police pinned just one murder on him from 2014 but a stern warning from the police commissioner then indicated authorities weren't done yet.

"Remember his name,” Commissioner Kevin Davis told reporters in August of last year, “you will hear it again very soon."

Tuesday, an indictment charging Barronnette and 11 other men who called themselves the "Trained to Go" gang was unsealed.

The indictment shows how the federal authorities spent the last several months piecing together a clearer picture of the terror they say TTG inflicted in Baltimore for six years: 10 killings altogether including three at once two years ago on West Fayette Street.

"It also charges that the members of TTG tried to enrich themselves selling drugs, heroin, cocaine, marijuana...robbing and kidnapping rival drug dealers and engaging in murder for hire," said acting U.S. Attorney Stephen Schenning.

This case was developed by the federal safe streets task force, a group that includes Baltimore police officers working with the feds to target the proportionally small number of violent criminals responsible for the lion share of violent crime.

This indictment Commissioner Kevin Davis says, is proof of that strategy, proof he offered up with vigor to recent critics.

"Yes Baltimore, there is a crime plan,” the commissioner said sternly, “Yes Baltimore, there is a robust, active crime strategy. And anyone who says there is not a crime plan or a crime strategy in Baltimore is either intentionally uninformed or operating off of ulterior motives."

The feds say 11 of the 12 suspects have been located and 10 are currently detained but the feds need you help in locating Roger Taylor.

If you know of his whereabouts call the FBI at 410-265-8080.