Exclusive: new video shows minivan hit woman in Fells Point crash

Posted at 12:05 AM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 06:48:59-05
ABC2 obtained exclusive new video in the case of the Parkville man captured on video driving into a bystander earlier this year in Fells Point.
The original video has been seen online more than a half a million times. It shows what prosecutors said is indefensible and intentional, while his attorney called it an "unfortunate series of events."
It was around closing time in February, when the incident happened, and bar patrons didn't expect to see anything like they did.
Video, given to ABC2 by the attorney representing the man behind the wheel as it all unfolded, Orlando Redd, gives new angles of insight into the situation.
Brandon Mead, Redd's attorney, said it was a case of self-defense.
"Without question," Mead said.
Mead said the incident started when a man and Redd got into some kind of argument, which lead to shoving. Mead said Redd was spit on.
Amid fighting, a second camera showed Redd enter the frame while throwing a punch toward a man whom Mead said was attacking a friend of his client.
Mead also made note of a man seen standing at the top of the screen who he said Redd believed was armed with a gun. Fearing for his life, he fled, Mead said. 
Redd first tried to leave the scene by ramming the car in front of him.
The same evidence was presented to a jury in Redd's criminal case, which Wednesday, declared a mistrial.
"We believed the jury should have been instructed on self-defense and on defense of others," Mead said.
Judge Brooke M. Murdock last week tossed out a charge of first-degree assault in relation to Jill Boram, run over on the sidewalk as Redd throws his vehicle into reverse before speeding up the sidewalk.
Boram is seen in the new video, capturing the moment she was struck.
Redd still faces other charges, including assault charges, traffic violations and destruction of property.
"Our office is truly disappointed that weren't yet able to bring closure for this family. However, today's decision will not stop us in our relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of the innocent woman, who was critically injured. A mistrial is a delay, but not a defeat and we will keep fighting," read a statement from the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office.
Mead believed the other individuals involved in the altercation should be charged.
"It's been a bit baffling, on our part, that these other individuals involved -- who incited this incident -- weren't charged," Mead said.
Redd has remained behind bars since the incident after being denied bail.
A new trial date has been set for March 28.
**Editor's Note: The above video refers to the victim by her maiden name, Jillian Vaccaro. Boram is her married name. She was married at the time of the incident in February 2016.


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