East Baltimore residents worry about crime, violence in their neighborhood

Posted at 11:15 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 23:17:43-04

Shots ring out at the intersection of Aiken and Bonaparte Tuesday afternoon and those who live in that East Baltimore neighborhood say they're sick of the crime scenes and worry for their families.

"I have kids and I wouldn't want one of my children out here playing and get shot," Wayne Hill, told ABC2.

Hill lives near Aiken and Bonaparte.  The site of Tuesday's crime scene.

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"It's just a shame that this world is not like it used to be back in the day when I was a kid."

Hill remembers a simpler time.  But that corner, that street, continues to see issues; one of ABC2's crews saw it first hand; hearing gun shots ring out while on assignment three years ago.

"It's really sad.  I'm in a black community. I have friends, neighbors that I like and care about and next thing I know, somebody's dead," said Hill.

It's a narrative heard time and time again in the streets of Baltimore; a city yearning for a break from the violence. 

"We don't have any unity, they don't value peoples' lives no more," said Patrice McMurray.

Another neighbor who's had her car shot at hopes a "Don't Shoot" sign in her window will encourage peace.   She worries for her life.

"I heard the shots and you just get down because you don’t know if the bullets are going to come through the window or not."

"This was a beautiful neighborhood but everyone is going chaos, everything is chaotic today, this whole world, it's nothing but negativity," McMurray said.

Homeowners have tried their best to bring some beauty and light to a place where the light left a long time ago. 

"I'm scared.  Everybody should be scared because it's a warzone out here.  You would think this is Afghanistan," said McMurray.

Those concerned neighbors said the only way to lower crime is to increase police in high crime areas.