DPW warns residents of water filtration system scam

DPW warns residents of water filtration system scam
Posted at 9:22 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 13:56:45-04

The Department of Public Works  (DPW) is warning residents to beware of people trying to scam the public or sell them unnecessary water filtration systems.

Officials said calls from individuals asking residents to allow someone into their home to discuss water quality should be ignored. 

Last year, a company mailed postcards requesting to meet with residents.  In the past, impostors have misled citizens into letting them inside their homes by posing as DPW employees and saying they are checking on low water pressure, leaks, or other water-related problems. Once inside a home, they distract the resident, steal items and then flee.  Citizens should be aware that imposters may wear what appears to be official looking clothing. These cards and calls may also be a way to gain entry into homes.

Citizens should remember the following:

No DPW employee will come to your home unless you have requested assistance and an appointment has been made.

DPW employees are not authorized to enter your home without your permission.

Always ask to see a Baltimore City employee identification card, which includes a photograph.

Report any and all suspicious activity to the Police Department by dialing 911 immediately.

For help with non-emergency questions about water or sewer related work, Baltimore City residents may call 311.  From outside the City, please call 410-396-5352.