Crime bump in South Baltimore; leaders ask for more than added patrol

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 18:42:49-05

In just over two weeks, armed robberies, auto thefts and a possible carjacking have been piling up in South Baltimore.

“It is unacceptable," said councilman Eric Costello.

Costello noticed the trend in his district.

He sent an email to his constituents Monday detailing the crimes and spoke with Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis on the rash of crime.

"We talked about increased patrols in the area. They've committed to increased patrols to ensure that these folks are caught before any more robberies occur," Costello said.

"Right now we're adjusting our deployment plan,” said Baltimore Police detective Jeremy Silbert, “We will have additional officers out there and we are continuing to ask the community for help. In some of the robberies…we will take the descriptions that were given to us and our detectives will follow up."

At least one adult male has already been arrested.

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With the addition of extra foot and car patrols beginning Tuesday night, the hope is that number will increase but Costello says it isn’t the adults fueling this South Baltimore robbery trend.

"They are arresting individuals, many times they are juveniles with extensive rap sheets who a day, two, three days later are back out on the street committing the same crimes and it leads us to ask, what more can be done besides additional patrols."

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Costello says he reached out to the State's Attorney’s office and the community liaison to discuss solutions to repeat juvenile offenders.

A spokesperson for the State’s Attorney’s Office responded:

“The state's attorney's office takes all crime extremely seriously and makes every effort to detain juvenile offenders when public safety is at risk.  That said, it is typically within the purview of juvenile  judges and magistrates regarding the ultimate decision to detain. We thank Councilman Costello for his efforts in preventing crime in his jurisdiction and look forward to continued collaboration.”

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