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Community walks to rally against violence

Walk comes on heels of shooting of 5-year-old girl
Posted at 11:14 PM, Nov 20, 2018

Tuesday night The Baltimore Police Department and Mayor Catherine Pugh led a crime walk in the neighborhood where 5-year-old Amy Hayes was shot Monday night.  They asked the community to help in the fight against violence.

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These events bring awareness,  we need to amplify that a little bit more and actually knock on the doors and get the community to talk, said activist Ertha Harris.

And the community was talking.

"We need to talk to the community, the community doesn't want vigils, they want results," said West Baltimore resident, Cameron Green.

On the heels of Tuesday's walk; the shooting of 5-year-old Hayes.  

Four months prior, Hayes' sister, Taylor Hayes was shot in the backseat of a car near Edmondson Village and unlike Amy, she became one of this year's youngest homicide statistics.  Some saying these events are just band aids.

"This isn't helping, I'll be honest with you.  What we need is the community to police the community.  We need people that look like me and the citizens and the residents of Baltimore to come back to the line," Green told WMAR 2 News. 

People who live in the area want justice but don't believe the system as it is serves anyone; they want community intervention.

"People from all walks of life,  we converse together, they know our well being, they know our neighbors, you know our neighbor everything works.  That's community.  not the mayor, not the police, not the city council," said Green. 

And by not ignoring problems that don't affect your side of town.

"I'm walking on streets I don't know, standing on behalf of a girl I never met but that's what it takes.  That kind of action," Father Joe Muth, told WMAR 2 News.

But that kind of action doesn't happen overnight.

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