Cherry Hill gang member sentenced to 22 plus years in federal prison for racketeering conspiracy

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 20:58:50-04

Cherry Hill gang member, Asim Benns, 33, was sentenced to 275 months in federal prison for conspiring to participate in a racketeering enterprise in connection with his gang activities.

From about 2011, the Cherry Hill gang "UDH" or "Up da Hill" have been disputing with rival gang members that are involved in racketeering enterprises and protected their power, territory and profits through violence, threats, robbery, and narcotics trafficking.

Benns admitted to participating in the murders of two rival gang members and two other shootings. 

Benns ran a heroin shop in the UDH area, as well as distributing other drugs.  In July and August of 2011, Benns and other UDH members robbed two banks, stealing a total of $11,100, which he and the other robbers used to buy drugs that they could sell.  
UDH gang members Donte Thornton, a.k.a Tay, age 30, of Baltimore to 15 years in federal prison, and James Scott, a.k.a Mook Day, age 24, of Essex, Maryland to 10 years in federal prison, for participating in the crimes that involved Benns and others.
A total of 35 Cherry Hill gang members pleaded guilty and 26 of those defendants, including the three sentenced Friday, have been sentenced to up to 35 years in prison.