BPD, Feds break up gang known to murder informants

Posted at 4:26 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 07:14:03-05

In a small area bordered by West Lafayette, Fulton and Baltimore streets on the city's west side, police say the Brick City Gang, as they were known, may have fueled upwards of 47 aggravated assaults, 30 shootings, 44 armed robberies and 19 murders since 2014.

"The M-O for this organization is witness intimidation, expansion of their operation through murder and if anyone provides information, they have the ability to reach out and murder someone based off the presumption that information was provided," said Baltimore Police Chief Sean Miller.

Miller says this organization was built on fear and Baltimore police along with ATF agents worked to isolate it.

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Brick City was run by Brandon Price and for two months and law enforcement built the case against them in their war room.

Eventually and collectively, detectives cast the net over Adrian McFadden, Davon Coates, Tavares White, Antoine Benjamin, Mark Rice, Tyron Evans and Ronnie Whitener.

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With two murder indictments and implications in other violent crimes, the federal and local teams were able to pull eight of the nine members off the street.

"This Brandon Pride organization is absolutely representative of that, not just representative of those partnerships but the fight to continue to arrest the most violent people regardless of whether the case goes state or goes federal, that is what this command staff and ATF represent," said special agent in charge Daniel Board.

For now, these are state cases.

It will come as no surprise that many of these gang members already have a lengthy violent past in Baltimore but the Board says he is confident these charges will stick in part because of the thorough case his agents and Baltimore Police detectives pieced together deep inside the city's war room.

"When we take the time and we put these violent crime cases together correctly, I think the end result are some really long term sentences that remove those offenders from the street...on a permanent basis," Board said.

Baltimore Police say there will be more indictments on the way but could not say just how many.

Of the gang of nine, one suspect remains at large.

Baltimore Police say they expect to have him in custody soon.

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