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"Boosey Boo" pleads guilty to robbing, killing weed dealer outside Baltimore restaurant

Posted at 3:20 PM, Sep 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-16 15:59:51-04

BALTIMORE — A fourth suspect has plead guilty to the October 2015 murder of a marijuana dealer.

James Dorsey, 24, who also goes by "Boosey Boo" is accused of armed commercial robbery and the shooting death of 18-year-old Markel Benson. According to his plea agreement, Dorsey along with Keyon Hawkins, Ameer Baker, and a juvenile planned to rob Benson, who sold weed outside a W. North Avenue restaurant.

The four allegedly first drove around the area to make sure Benson was there selling. After seeing Benson at the restaurant, the foursome drove to a different area of West Baltimore and met another friend, Deonta Douglas.

Baker reportedly then gave Hawkins a gun, who walked back to the restaurant with Douglas and the juvenile and robbed Benson of his drugs, money, and phones. Afterwards, Benson took a friend to get a gun so they could go find the group who robbed him.

CCTV footage showed Benson carrying the gun, walking with his friend in search of the group, who had already met back up on Ridgehill Avenue and began smoking the weed they took from him.

Eventually Benson and his friend made their way toward Ridgehill Avenue at which point people in the block alerted Dorsey and his group. Upon hearing he was nearby, Dorsey ran up the alley and shot and killed Benson.

Baker who was with Dorsey during the murder, and also tried shooting contacted someone using Benson's stolen phone to help them flee the scene.

Since then, Hawkins, Baker, and Douglas have all plead guilty. Hawkins was sentenced to 111 months in Federal prison. Sentencing for Baker and Douglas have been scheduled for November 12 and December 4.