Bicyclist, 66, injured in hit-and-run accident in Baltimore

BPD investigate 2 hit-and-runs involving bicycles
Posted at 5:29 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 06:27:51-04

A 66-year-man was riding his bicycle Monday when he was hit by a car that fled the scene afterwards, Baltimore Police said. 

It was the first of two hit-and-runs involving cyclists Monday. A second accident left a 54-year-old man dead. 

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This crash happened in the 2300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. The victim was taken to an area hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries. 

Police believe he was struck by a dark colored four-door sedan. After the crash, the car was last seen traveling southbound on Pennsylvania Avenue.

An investigation continues. Anyone with information is asked to call 410-396-2606. 

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