May beating and assault of 90-year-old ruled a homicide

Posted at 12:07 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 06:54:53-04

Baltimore Police were called to the Park Heights home on May 4th after a neighbor's son noticed a back window had been smashed.  Inside the house, officers discovered 90-year-old Mary Hines, tied up, brutally beaten and left for dead.

The elderly woman, who friends and family called Sis, spent about three weeks in the hospital, but died from the violent home invasion.

Since then, her house on Garden Drive has sat empty.  Neighbors are outraged no one is behind bars for the murder.

"I'm frustrated, very frustrated because it seems to me that nothing's being done,” said Dorothy Brown.  "We're in this neighborhood, that person could come back, I hope not, but he could come back."

In the three-months since the killing, investigators have been following leads, and pleading for the public's help, but have yet to make an arrest.          

"Detectives have been out in that area since this murder occurred,” said Detective Jeremy Silbert with the Baltimore City Police Department.  “We've been looking for any information, we've been looking for any witnesses and that's where we are today, we need someone to come forward."

Autopsy results were just released, and the medical examiner has officially ruled Hines' death a homicide.

"We already knew it was a homicide, we need to know who did it,” Brown said.  “That's what we want to know, and what are you doing to catch that person."

Hines' family is also desperate for closure, saying whoever brutalized the 90-year-old is a coward.

"The person who did this terrible attack to her is still out there at large, and we're just trying to seek justice," Hines’ Niece, Jonelle Williams said.

Police think whoever is responsible for this terrible crime has close ties to the community, and they want them off the streets.

If you have any information call 410-396-2100.

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