Baltimore Police announce Public Enemy No. 1 in stabbing of 73-year-old man

Posted at 10:23 AM, Dec 05, 2016
Captured on surveillance video, the suspect knocked an elderly man with a cane to the ground and when the victim kicked frantically to fight him off, the robber pulled out a knife and stabbed him repeatedly.
Yet another camera captured a clear image of his face, and now police have a name.
"Our Public Enemy Number One now is Christopher Straham," Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said. "He put his initials on his face---"C.S." under his right eye... Christopher Straham, and then he has a heart... apparently it looks like a heart under his left eye."
Police said the victim, a 73-year old man who may be homeless, first caught his killer's attention while he was buying food at the nearby Popeye's fast food restaurant at Highland Avenue and Pulaski Highway in East Baltimore.
"The victim might have pulled out some money and the suspect might have seen the money and if you notice when we talk about the charges on this man, theft under $100.  So whatever he got from him, it wasn't valuable," said Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith.
The attack happened in front of a strip of businesses where many are still distraught in disbelief that the 19-year old would resort to such savagery.
"I'm blown away because, man, four o'clock in the afternoon an old man gets killed over money or whatever.  It's crazy," Charles Pratt said.
"You didn't even have to stab him,” Arnett Chappel said. “If you would have asked this man, he might have even gave it to this guy."
Police said Straham is now considered a fugitive, but while he can run, because of his distinctive markings on his face, he certainly cannot hide for long. 
"This guy, as we can see, has tattoos on his face.  He's hiding in plain sight so there's not much he can do with himself,” Smith said. “So if you see a guy with two Band-Aids over his face who looks like this, that could be our guy."
Police suspect the victim was homeless, which has hindered their efforts to notify his next of kin.
If you spot Christopher Straham, he is considered armed and dangerous, and you should call police immediately.

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