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Baltimore Police SWAT surrounds home

Suspects escape, police find guns
Posted at 5:22 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 17:22:26-04

"He has a scope!? Oh sh** bro!”

Caught on cell phone camera, a neighbor kept rolling as Baltimore Police surrounded a home on East Lanvale Street in Greenmount West Monday night.

“Do what I tell you and you can crawl out to us okay?!" you can hear an officer yell, “Do what I tell you, you're gonna crawl out on your hands and knees and you're gonna crawl out to the right side."

Inside the home was a group of people, a family just home from the funeral of a recent city homicide victim.

A toddler was also in the home.

All of them were removed, and as you can see on the eyewitness video, some were asked to crawl out.

Police were able to eventually secure the home and while five people were questioned, no one was arrested.

Baltimore Police say this all started a couple of blocks away on Preston Street.

Officers say they responded to a call of a shootout between two groups of people.

There is not much evidence left from that there today except what may be a ricochet mark on the side of the building.

Police say last night they saw two men from that shootout ran into the home on Lanvale which prompted the SWAT response caught in camera

"Unfortunately we were not able to capture the individuals,” Deputy Commissioner Andre Bonaparte said, “We believe that they exited through the rear of the house prior to us actually being able to secure the rear of the home."

Still, police say they recovered three handguns from the backyard of this home and one from the front that was in the trash can.

Police are testing those firearms to see if the ballistics match on any recent city crimes.

It is also unclear whether the murder of the home owner's son 10 days ago had anything to do with the shootout or armed suspect running into the home.

Police continue the search for the two men who ran into that home last night.

So far, the questioning of the people who were home at the time has not revealed their identity.

Only one person was injured in all of this and it was an innocent bystander who hurt himself getting out of the way of the shootout.

He was not shot.