Baltimore Police: suspect sexually assaulted victim after killing her

Posted at 4:26 PM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 10:53:30-04

Police had been looking for who killed Jessica Gibson since her body was found behind a stack of wood pallets by Port Discovery early Wednesday morning.

They released video of their suspect twice last week, one much clearer than the other; detailed enough for someone to call detectives and identify 18 year old James Arthur House.

"A citizen was able to step forward and help us identify the suspect in this case so we're very, very grateful for that citizen stepping forward and very happy that we had this video that we can solve this heinous crime," said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Heinous may be about the only appropriate word to describe the alleged crime because in addition to charges of murder for the strangling death of Gibson, House was charged with several sex offenses including those they believe he committed after Gibson was dead.

"The state's attorney’s office wants to include all the relevant offenses that occurred and the perverted practice more than likely was for the sex offenses that were committed on our victim after she was dead," Davis said.

Police say house actually called 911 himself after seeing his image on social media.

The commissioner says he confessed.

Police say Gibson, while homeless and known to stay at the encampment at President and Fayette Streets, did have a family and is survived by four children.

In other surveillance video police had not released, they say it appeared the two knew each other but detectives do not know the nature of their relationship.