Southwest Baltimore quick mart employee shot; employees frustrated at robberies

Posted at 1:33 PM, Sep 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 18:24:01-04

If you were going to make a bet on South Hilton Street, doubling down on the chance of the street being busy is a sure thing.

“In Baltimore, I personally feel that we can only do window service. That’s the only safe thing I can think of now,” one employee at the Hilton Quick Mart said.

For the employees there, the real gamble, they say, is their safety.

With fears of more violence, they didn’t want to go on camera. But they wanted ABC2 News to get a glimpse of the damage – a destructive and devastating daze of their most recent in.

“Nobody’s taking action. Nobody’s getting arrested, nobody’s coming to see the cameras. Even the insurance stopped helping us because they say it’s an everyday story,” that same employee said.

On this day, for the men who work at the mart, it’s frustration.

Less than 48 hours earlier, one of their co-workers was shot, fending off would be robbers.

“The fact that this is happening at all is disturbing, but at 12:45 in the afternoon when one would think that all eyes are on anything that goes on,” Det. Donny Moses, with the Baltimore Police Department, said.

But the only eyes were those of security camera lenses inside the store, capturing the moments two men tried robbing the store and their escape –- one that almost didn’t happen.

“They had some difficulty getting out of the store. This is a case where the store owner attempted to lower the gate on the outside, making it almost impossible for the door to open,” Det. Moses said.

A risky decision, but one made after countless times of being targeted.

For employees who say they feel as if they’re on their own, it was a choice to put matters into their own hands.

The two men are wanted for attempted murder and robbery. 

If you know, or have information about these two suspects, call (410) 396-2221, Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP, or text a tip using the BPD Mobile App.