Father, son killed in police-involved shooting

Posted at 12:52 PM, Apr 01, 2016

A father and son duo killed in a police-involved shooting in East Baltimore Thursday afternoon displayed "an intent to kill," Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said in a Friday press conference.

Officers shot and killed Matthew Vincent Wood, Jr., 43, and his son Kimani Michael Johnson, 18, Davis said. 

"Three police officers were at the right place at the right time," Davis said. 

Had those officers not been there, "we could have had a mass shooting on our hands," he said. 

Those officers were identified Friday as Officer Norman Jones, two-year veteran of the department, and Sgt. Joseph Wiczulis, an eight-year veteran of the agency. Both are assigned to Eastern District operations. 

Both officers, along with the third officer who did not discharge his weapon, are on routine administrative leave. 

The commissioner said officers fired 56 rounds until that shooting threat was eliminated. 

"You could imagine ... confronting a father and son duo with an intent to kill," Davis said. "That's what it took to eliminate that threat." 

Police displayed the suspects' weapons---a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic rifle, which was filled to capacity with 25 rounds and a 9mm Luger with seven bullets in it.

An investigation revealed the suspects never got off a single shot.

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