Baltimore Police: Detective Suiter was scheduled to testify against indicted officers

Detective Suiter was shot by his firearm
Posted at 6:51 PM, Nov 22, 2017

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis spoke out in a news conference Wednesday saying that there is no evidence to suggest that the conspiracies surrounding Detective Suiter's murder are true.

After investigators found several rounds from Suiter's firearm at the crime scene, Davis says it is confirmed that Suiter was killed by his own gun.

Davis also says there is evidence of a struggle between Suiter and the gunman on the street before the shooting. He says possible gunfire was heard on a radio transmission and that Suiter's partner acted appropriately.

According to Commissioner Davis, he learned from FBI officials that Suiter was scheduled to testify against Baltimore Police Trace Task Force officers who were indicted earlier this year. He said that testimony was supposed to happen the day after Suiter was killed.  Police say that those two events are not connected.