Baltimore Police Department releases body worn camera video for several shootings

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 07:30:19-04

The Baltimore Police Department released body worn camera video from three separate police-involved shootings. All of the shootings happened in the last two weeks. 

Chief T.J. Smith said Thursday, "We're lucky that we're not planning police funerals this week."

No one was seriously hurt in any of the three shootings, but police are fed up with the violence.  

"This is a challenging time with violence in our city," said Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Davis went on to say that releasing the body worn camera video reinforces the department's dedication to transparency.

"When we capture a shooting on body worn camera, we told you a long time ago that we were going to share that video with the community," he said.

In a press conference Thursday, police released video from three police-involved shootings.

The first video was from a police-involved shooting on June 17 in the 700 block of Wildwood Parkway. The suspect was not shot but was taken into custody. Another suspect got away.  Police are still looking for that person.

The second video was from a shooting at a liquor store in northeast Baltimore Tuesday morning. A patrol officer was summoned to the store during an armed robbery. The officer fired one shot, but did not hit either of the suspects. Malik Mccaffity and Maurice Allen were arrested and charged.  Police seized two guns on their person. 

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The final incident was an officer-involved shooting in Curtis Bay Park on Tuesday night. Two police officers began following an armed suspect. A foot chase ensued. The officers fired several shots, striking the suspect. The suspect escaped in a waiting car. He was taken to Harbor Hospital and was then transported to Shock Trauma for treatment. 

"All of the officers involved are on routine administrative leave and we hope to get them back as soon as possible," Smith said Thursday.

Davis also said releasing body camera video helps to build trust between the department and the community.

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There have been five police-involved shootings in which body worn camera footage has been released this year. 

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