Baltimore Police coordinating extra state police officers in crime fight

Posted at 4:48 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-07 17:18:12-05

While Governor Larry Hogan's crime plan for Baltimore announced Tuesday seems to be equal parts legislative, policy and enforcement, at least one part of it started immediately.

"Today, effective immediately,” the Governor said at a news conference Tuesday, “I am directing the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transportation Authority Police, the Maryland Transit Administration Police and the Maryland Capitol Police to expand vehicular land and boat patrol tactics."

The goal is visibility in high crime areas the governor said, but ultimately it is up to Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis as to how he wants to use the added manpower.

"Really what all those different agencies have to do, and they are doing it right now, is they are telling the superintendent of the state police, this is what we think we can do,” Commissioner Kevin Davis said, “And then he and I will sit down and we will determine which of those things are appropriate to do to address the violence."

The commissioner does not envision troopers taking calls for service or random patrols through certain neighborhoods, rather using the extra officers to help serve warrants on violent offenders and even help build new cases against the criminals police say are known to drive most of the violence.

The details will be worked out between Davis and the Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. William Pallozzi but the math adds up, more resources to plug in to the crime fight

"We're gonna work together to make things better but the message particularly to the bad guys is if you're doing something wrong out there, we've got extra resources, extra cops, extra detectives to figure you out  and hold you accountable," Davis said.

Davis does not know how many officers the state may detail to the city but that some have already helped in some enforcement.