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Baltimore Police balancing policing streets while protecting from COVID-19

Posted at 10:02 PM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 22:13:58-04

BALTIMORE — With people staying in their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you would think crime would fall off, however with two shootings within the past 24 hours in one single neighborhood, police still have a lot on their hands.

A home security camera shows a car in Fells Point cut off by a group of jaywalkers, which dodges them at the last second and begins to back up in pursuit of the young men when one pulls out a gun and fires a single shot.

"Although this is a neighborhood where everybody know everybody, there's a lot of visitors and so with a lot of visitors from a lot of different places, there's crime sometimes," said Jacqueline Greff of Fells Point.

Police would only learn of the shot fired after the fact, but they had plenty to keep them busy. North Ellamont Street in West Baltimore produced a pair of shootings just four blocks apart.

On Friday night, a man suffered gunshot wounds to the head and chest in the 1700 block, and Saturday afternoon, someone shot a man in the 1300 block.

WMAR-2 News's Jeff Hager spotted a police car sandwiched somewhere in between monitoring the neighborhood on Monday in an apparent move to combat the violence.

Meanwhile, back in Fells Point, Greff says despite signs of gang graffiti in the neighborhood, a single gun incident pales in comparison to the other mischief that comes with living near a popular bar area, and she supports the officers called on to keep a lid on the entire city while its people seek shelter in their homes from a new threat, mindful of the violence that could erupt at any time.

"Police have already got a problem with their image and everything. I mean not so much in Fells Point, but a lot of parts of the city don't trust them, so yes, I do feel for them," Greff said.

If you have any information on this case or any other violent crime in the city, you can call police.