Baltimore family says it took city police too long to respond to burglary call

Posted at 6:02 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 18:16:22-04

Security cameras outside and a fully alarmed house.  Assetou and husband Ousmane thought they were doing everything right to protect their home.

"We were confused, scared, I was basically shaking," Assetou said.

That's because Saturday evening they became victims, and watched the entire crime unfold on their numerous surveillance cameras.
In the video you can see the four suspects drive up to the house, knock on the door to check if anyone is home, then go around to the back and force their way in through the basement door.

"So the alarm triggered, they got scared, left, ran away."

But it didn’t end there.    
With hoods up and faces covered, the group of crooks came back to the property about ten-minutes later.

"There is an entry from the basement through my living room, so they kicked that door in also," said Assetou.

The burglars were only inside for a few minutes, but on the footage you can watch them walk out, arms full of electronics and thousands of dollars in cash.
A violating crime that has the two new parents frustrated.  They say it took officers too long to respond, and the criminals got away.

"I am scared, we are terrified,” Assetou said.  “We are not sure if we can count on police because when you dial 911 you are expecting the call to be an emergency call, and you want to receive help for less than 10 minutes."

Now they just hope someone will recognize the four men caught on video committing the crime.
If you have any information, or know any of the suspects, call Baltimore Police.