Grandmother's priceless jewelry stolen in home burglary

Posted at 11:35 PM, Sep 20, 2016
After their home was burglarized, one Baltimore couple is dealing with the loss of precious jewelry that was used for more than just accessorizing. 
"When I walked in, everything was disorganized and everything was open and I didn't know what was going on," David Ally said.
The thieves ransacked the house and made off with a substantial sum.
"From PlayStation, football jerseys, Orioles jerseys, cash, our safe that had all of our personal information,"  Nicolette Ally said.
But that wasn't not the worst of it.
"We were missing valuables, drawers had been gone through and the screen had been popped out of one our second floor windows," Nicolette said.
Valuables like her dying grandmother's jewelry had been taken. Nicolette said she planned to sell the jewelry to help with her grandmother's medical costs.
"We were selling it off to pay for her care because she had a massive stroke back in May," said Nicolette.
And she's now in hospice. For this couple, it's unimaginable that anyone could do this.
"You shouldn't always think about yourself that the actions that you take have an impact on other people," David said.

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The estate pieces were appraised at well over $20,000 dollars. The insurance will only cover a $2,500 maximum on jewelry, Nicolette said. 
For now, the couple says they'll make ends meet but have this to say to the thieves who violated them.
"This was more than just taking jewelry, this was really compromising somebody's care a 94-year-old woman who's in assisted living," said Nicolette.
"It's not just money it's someone's livelihood it's someone's ability to live," David said.
The couple isn't looking for any monetary help. They just want people to keep their eyes and ears open for the unique pieces, especially those who work at or frequent pawn shops.

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