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Baltimore City Sheriff's Office steps in to help fight crime in city

Posted at 11:22 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 23:23:49-04

You can expect to see more deputies from the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office stepping in to help keep you safer on the weekends.

Starting Friday, until further notice, the Sheriff's Office will put 15 deputies at various high-visibility points in the city on Fridays.

Saturday seven deputies will be in Fells Point to help with the big festival and while the patrol in the South-east and Eastern districts is new, this initiative isn't for the Sheriff's Office.

"This is nothing new, anytime that Sheriff Anderson sees that there's a problem or a patrol needs additional support on details or festivals, and we can lend a hand we frequently do this," said Major Sabrina Tapp-Harper with the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office.

Deputy sheriff foot patrols were assigned to Monument Street, Eastern Avenue and the East 25th Street and Harford Road corridor to help the Baltimore Police Department stop the violence after the deadliest month in more than a year with 37 homicides in September.  

"Anytime there's an issue or if we're going to win this fight, there has to be a collaborative effort," said Tapp-Harper.

The sheriff's office says, the more visibility, the more community trust is built up.

"We're really looking to have some type of impact, we're looking to impact perception as well, so these deputies will be out on foot patrol," she continued.

 Those who live in the area said that kind of visibility could really make a difference in Baltimore streets.

 "They hear what's going on, they see what's going on and they're actually trying to be proactive to remedy the increase in crime we've seen lately," said resident, Brad Kirby.

Officers will also conduct community patrols through South Baltimore and near colleges to safeguard students.

"I think it's always good when two departments or entities can work together. I just want to see results because year after year it just seems like it's getting worse and worse," resident, Josh Cooper, told WMAR-2 News.

The re-deployed deputies will work these patrols by working overtime and extended shifts.  

Sunday, 30 deputies will patrol Lake Montebello as thousands are expected to be in that area for an event.