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Attorney of man beaten by BPD officer speaks out about viral video: "This was a cowardly act."

Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 18:00:33-04

The attorney representing the man that was seen beaten by a Baltimore Police officer in a viral video speaks out about the incident. 

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In a press conference held on Monday afternoon, Attorney Warren Brown expressed to the media that the events that happened in the video were a case of bad policing. 

"We're hoping, again, that this case brings enough attention to the problem of this type of policing. That this will be the last of it. That this will become an anachronism and it's important because, again, there has to be this relationship between the community and the police if we are going to be at all effective on our fight on crime," said Attorney Brown. 

According to Attorney Warren Brown, this incident was not the first run-in between the officer and the victim. Brown says the officer had his eyes on his client after an incident that happened in May when the officer was "hassling young folks" and the victim intervened in the situation telling them to talk to their parents on the way the officer was treating them.

Brown says in a year the officer was brutalizing and antagonizing his client on the extraction of vengeance which led up to the aggressive behavior caught on camera.

"We applaud the mayor, we applaud the commissioner, we applaud the state's attorney for all of them acting swiftly on Saturday to make sure that the damage was stemmed that my client was not going to be taken to central booking i.e that no criminal charges would be brought," said Brown.

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As of now, they do not plan on suing and hope that they do not have to result in a lawsuit against the officer or Baltimore Police Department. 

Brown expressed that they are glad that the officer is no longer on the force and felt that the department has no place for an officer with the kind of temperament displayed in that video.

The victim sustained injuries to the jaw, nose, ear, and parts of his body. He is expected to be released from the hospital sometime Monday.