At least 22 people shot in Baltimore over holiday weekend, three people died

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 18:47:41-04

Laying in an alleyway off Cardiff Avenue in O'Donnell Heights is where police found homicide victim No. 202.  He was shot and killed Friday night.

"It's sad, it's very sad," said Darlene Hargrave

To her, Lloyd Tyson is more than just a number.  He was her youngest son, and he was murdered blocks from their house.

"Lloyd was a beautiful person, he was lovable, he loved children," Hargrave said.

Friends say the 28-year-old was a great guy with a good heart, he was a talented writer, and was working to make a better life for himself.

Loved ones are lost right now, angry at who pulled the trigger.

"Of course it has to stop somewhere, they got to stop, keep on killing till what."

But the killing didn't stop with Tyson this holiday weekend.  In all at least 22 people were shot in Charm City between Friday afternoon and Monday night.       

Tyson and two others lost their lives, four more are still in critical condition.

"The biggest issue that we have are bad guys that have these guns that are trigger pullers and they are indiscriminate, they don't care who they shoot," said Baltimore City Police Spokesperson, Chief T.J. Smith.

He says these criminals are bold and brazen. The youngest victims in this rash of gunfire were just four and six years old.           

Investigators tell us some of the violence involved gang members, and a good number of the shootings were in retaliation.  They call the bloodshed a revolving door, one day someone is a suspect, and the next they're the victim.

Tyson's mother says whoever killed her son was a coward.

"That don't make you better or bigger then somebody because you go and shoot somebody,” Hargrave said.  “Back in the day, they fist fight one another or they walked away, left it alone.  But now a days all they think is, well you gotta shoot someone to think that that makes you a man, it does not make you a man."

There have been 204 homicides in the city so far this year, that's 24 fewer than this same time last year. 

If you know anything about the violence the last few days, call Baltimore City Police.