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A year later, a family gets first taste of justice after gang members are indicted

Sebastian Dvorak was killed in June 2017
Posted at 11:23 PM, Aug 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 07:15:16-04

A year after Sebastian Dvorak's murder, his family said it's finally seeing its first taste of justice.

Police indicted two gang members for the June 2017 murder.  Dvorak was a well liked bartender in the area.

Those two gang members are believed to be part of the "500 L" gang, a subset of The Bloods.

"This is a huge milestone it's bringing us one step closure to bringing justice for Sebastian," said Lisa Richard, Dvorak's mother.

She and some of his friends came together in Canton Monday to celebrate what they call bittersweet justice.

"It makes me glad for the closure in Sebastian's case in that they had a broader reach and they were able to have a bigger impact as opposed to just finding his killer, they were able to bring in some people who were not so good for this community," said Richard.

Monday, a group of state and city officials announced that two members of the 500 L gang, Robert Lewis and Malik Mungo are allegedly responsible for Dvorak's murder. He was celebrating his 27th birthday.

"These guys are off the streets is also a positive and they can't cause much more havoc and death.  We can finally have a day where there's justice for Sebastian," Dvorak's father, David Dvorak, told WMAR 2 News.

It's believed Lewis gave Mungo a gun, then Mungo and another person robbed and shot Dvorak as he walked home.

"We can't bring my son back, he's gone and there's never going to be justice for that but I will say that I am more happy than I thought I would be," Dvorak said.

Dvorak, or "Seabass," as so many knew him as, was a well liked and popular bartender -- on the one year anniversary of his death, hundreds crowded Canton Square to honor him.  

"Knowing that Sebastian will never come back is still incredibly difficult and ultimately, you find that minute of joy in knowing that justice is coming but you're brought back to reality," said close friend, Greg Wohlfort.

Those who knew him best feel some vindication and hope for the city.

"Bringing in a bigger picture than Sebastian brings us slightly closer to safety and removal of fear in this area," said Wohlfort.

But the void will never be filled.

"It's imperfect justice, it's not justice that will ever bring him back but it's the best we can do," said Dvorak.

11 other 500 L gang members were also indicted but are not related to Dvorak's murder.