Elderly woman injured in home invasion dies

Posted at 11:33 AM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 07:23:39-04

A 90-year-old woman injured during a home invasion earlier this month has died.

Back on May 4, Baltimore Police were called to a home on Garden Drive near Reisterstown Road in Northwest Baltimore. A neighbor told them the door to Mary Helen Dickson-Hines' home was open and they were worried about her.

Inside, officers found Dickson-Hines suffering from multiple injuries to her body. She was taken to the hospital where she had been listed in critical condition.

"Ms. Mary Dickson-Hines was brutally assaulted, tied, and left for dead in her home," said Baltimore Police Lt. Jarron Jackson.

Baltimore Police said Dickson-Hines passed away Wednesday morning and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause and manner of death.

Margie Jackson, Dickson-Hines' niece, visited her aunt in the hospital following the incident. She said she was trying to tell her who had assaulted her.

"She knew who did that to her, she just couldn't get the name out and she was trying to tell me," Jackson said. 

Police have not said if they're looking for one or multiple suspects, but believe it was somebody who had close ties to the community. They're asking anyone with any information, no matter how insignificant, to please contact them.

"Maybe it was someone who ran errands or cut the grass and now all of a sudden they're gone, that's the kind of information we need from the members of that community," Lt. Jackson said.

Neighbors who knew Dickson-Hines, the 50-year resident of that block, also think the culprit knew something about her.

"The police, a fire truck, they all came out at one point when they thought she was in there sick, they could not get in. They had to get a ladder and go through the window, everybody knew this. You go around to the back, it was easier to get in, so how did they know that?," said Dorothy Brown, who lives several door downs from Dickson-Hines- home.

Brown said the whole neighborhood kept an eye on Dickson-Hines and that they're outraged someone could have harmed her.

"Why would you tie up her feet? You're a coward. you are a coward," Brown said.

Family members are also looking for answers that could help bring them closure

"It's very hard for our family, it's just that they need to find out who did this to my aunt," said Linda Jackson. 

Detectives are still working the case and anyone with information is asked to call homicide detectives at 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP.

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