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23 Baltimore homicides reported in only 21 days

Posted at 11:24 AM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 11:24:05-04

Baltimore Police have been busy in June as homicides keep happening around the city. 

As of Thursday morning, there have been 20 people killed across the city in only the last 21 days, and a total of 23 homicides reported this month alone. Three of the homicides come from shootings in the past where the victims recently died from their injuries, or evidence now shows the person died from a shooting. 

This frightening average of almost a murder a day comes after a man was shot and killed in the 3200 block of Clarence Avenue Wednesday night. Just before 11 p.m., police found the man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his body. Medics took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

While an average indicates there has been a murder a day, Baltimore actually went five days without a murder earlier this month. From June 4 to June 8 there were no homicides reported in the city. 

Here is a breakdown of the homicides reported in June so far:

  • June 1: Northeast District, shooting, Cedonia Road at Hamilton Avenue
    • Shooting from 1996 in Eastern District at 200 block of Duncan Street determined a homicide
    • Southern District, stabbing, 3000 block of Ascension Street 
  • June 2: Western District, 1600 block of Baker Street 
  • June 3: Central District, stabbing, 400 block of Manse Court 
  • June 9: Eastern District, shooting, 3300 block of Germania
  • June 10: Northwest District, shooting, 2800 block of Boarman Avenue 
  • June 11: Western District, shooting, 100 block of North Fremont Avenue
    • Northwest District, shooting, 4800 block of Pimlico Road 
  • June 12: Northeast District, trauma to body, 2400 block of Westfield Avenue 
    • Northeast District, shooting, 5400 block of Cedonia Avenue 
  • June 13: Southeast District, shooting, 2700 block of McElderry Street 
  • June 14: Western District, shooting, 1100 block of N. Fremont Avenue 
  • June 16: Eastern District, shooting, 900 block of Valley Street 
    • Southwest District, shooting, 3900 block of Edmondson Avenue 
    • Western District, skeletal remains found - determined to be homicide, 1000 block of N. Payson Street 
  • June 17: Southern District, stabbing, 4200 block of Thayer Court 
  • June 18: Central District, shooting, 2200 block of Eutaw Place 
  • June 19: Northwestern District, shooting, 4900 block of Litchfield Avenue 
  • June 20: Southern District, shooting, 1300 block of Sergeant Street 
    • Southwest District, shooting, 2500 block of W. Baltimore Street
    • Northeast District, shooting, 3200 block of Clarence Avenue 
  • June 21: Man shot on West Baltimore Street in 1999 dies, ruled a homicide

June's homicide numbers bring Baltimore's total to 134, which is still down from the 162 homicides reported at this time last year. 2017 was a record year for Baltimore, totaling at 343 murders.