Renaissance Academy stabbing victim dies

Posted at 12:15 AM, Dec 21, 2015

A Renaissance Academy student died from injuries received in a stabbing at school last month just days before Thanksgiving. 

Police say a 17-year-old student was stabbed by another student while sitting in class at the West Baltimore school on November 24.

Since the incident, the student remained on life support and in critical condition due to the extent of his injuries. 

The student died Sunday night.

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Baltimore City police Media Relations Director, T.J. Smith released a statement in wake of his death:

" It's a tragedy anytime we have someone killed in an act of violence, even more so when it's a child. The fact that it happened inside of a school is even more disturbing. Our thoughts are with the victims family and the students who had to witness such a horrible event."

17-year-old Donte Crawford was charged as an adult with attempted murder in the attack.

Officers investigating the incident are working with the State's Attorney's office to file additional charges against Crawford.