$15K reward offered in robbery at Mother's bar

Posted at 4:59 PM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 18:24:38-05

Video released Friday by the FBI shows criminals in action at Mother's Grille in Federal Hill.

The four suspects are exacting, deliberate and seemed to know what they wanted to do, when to do it and who they wanted to hurt. A violence so well-choreographed, it was sickening for some connected to the bar to watch unfold on video.

"I threw up. Watching my friends and my brother being beaten in my office was devastating," Kelly Rather an owner at Mother’s Grille, said.

This armed robbery happened as employees were opening up on Super Bowl Sunday, 2014. It is a huge day for the Federal Hill bar, but it wasn't just the date that makes this hard to forget.

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"They came military style. So the first one hit the first person, the next person moved forward. The young man who was washing dishes at that time immediately put his hands up, they still hit him. They were brutal," Rather said.

So brutal, the FBI can't forget either.

Federal agents and Baltimore Police working together have not been able to solve this case. On Friday, two years later, the FBI decided to release this video and call your attention to several elements.

Full video released by the FBI March 4, 2016:

Investigators draw specific attention to the guns used – the shot gun or the long barrel revolver – the red cloth in one suspect's hand, a very clear shot of his eyes and a unusual pattern on the back of one of the suspect’s pants.

"We are asking the community to take a look at specific items of clothing, the weapons used in this case and get back to us if they can provide any type of information," FBI Special Agent Steve Skinner said.

The FBI is making it worth the effort, increasing the reward for a tip in this crime from $5,000 to $15,000.

The four men never did make it into the safe at Mother’s nor did they fire any of their weapons, but the FBI can't let them slip away behind the dumpster and down the alley off Cross Street forever.

Police consider these suspects too dangerous, as do their victims at Mother’s.

"I think it would generally make us feel better about our community and society and that there is good people out there that are willing to come forward to make sure justice is served,” Rather said.

Anyone who thinks they might be able to help can call the FBI at 410-265-8080. Callers can remain anonymous.

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