Vigil held for 10-year-old stabbed to death by brother

Posted at 12:00 AM, Sep 16, 2016
Two victims, younger than the age of 15,  were stabbed by their brother. One of them was stabbed to death. Police have identified the suspect, but there hasn't been an arrest.
 Andres Garcia, 18, remains on the run. Police have confiscated his passport and he's been placed on the federal "do not fly" list. But the family has left the state, so Thursday evening, it was up to a community to remember.
A family dropped to their knees in prayer in front of a growing memorial at a vigil for the victim, Ruby Rames, a 10-year-old student at nearby Hilltop Elementary.  Friends and neighbors came to remember Rames, who was stabbed to death by her brother, police said.
"I'm just praying. Praying for Ruby. Praying for Ruby's soul. And I'm also praying for Ruby's family," said Louise Dejesu, principal at the school.
Several staff from the school attended the vigil to show support, as well.
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It's been just three days since police say she was killed by Garcia. It happened around 7:45 p.m. Monday night in the 6400 block of Roots Dr. when police said Rames was killed after some kind of confrontation.
Their 13-year-old brother was stabbed as well, but was released from the hospital Thursday.
Rhonda Hill, now racked with guilt, saw part of the attack unfold as the girl was pulled inside the home. She thought the kids were playing a game.
"I just know that the mothers going to need the help and I felt like I couldn't help her with what happened, I just feel like I need to help her with something," Hill said.
Rames and his family recently moved from Virginia, neighbors said.
"She probably was a nice little girl and it's very sad that she just moved here," said Kese Cribbs, a fourth grader at Hilltop. 
Members of the community said it will take a lot of time and healing, not just for those who showed up, but for the family now left searching for answers.
"She's our kid, whether she was at hilltop three weeks, seven months, two years, Ruby belongs to us," said Dejesu.
Anne Arundel County Police are asking for tips. Garcia is described as white or Hispanic, 5' 5", and weighing about 140 pounds.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Anne Arundel County homicide unit at 410-222-4731. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call the Anne Arundel County Police Tip Line at 410-222-4700.

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