VIDEO: Car chase ends with dramatic arrest

Posted at 11:22 PM, Mar 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 17:33:38-04

Cell phone video captured a dramatic arrest at a busy intersection early Wednesday afternoon in Glen Burnie.

The incident began shortly after noon in Millersville when Anne Arundel County Police were investigating a suspected drug transaction by a "violent repeat offender" that had been convicted of a felony, Lt. Ryan Frashure said.

Police, who were investigating the suspect identified as Antron Bulow, 34, witnessed a traffic violation by Bulow on Millersville Road and Waterberry Road.  Officers activated their emergency equipment to alert Bulow to pull over, but police say the suspect did not stop and continued on to I-97.

Officers stopped following Bulow and alerted Maryland State Police that the suspect was headed onto the interstate.

A trooper nearby noticed Bulow's vehicle and attempted to pull him over.  Police say Bulow did not stop and he eluded the trooper and then got off I-97 and onto Quarterfield Road.

As the suspect was exiting I-97, Lt. Frashure said Bulow intentionally struck another MSP vehicle which allowed Anne Arundel County Police to pursue the suspect.

Police blocked off traffic at the intersection of Oakwood Road and Aquahart Road in Glen Burnie so they could deploy stop sticks.

As Bulow approached the intersection, police say he intentionally struck a AACP vehicle before hitting the stop sticks.  As the video shows, the suspect gets out of the car and tries to flee police.

Lt. Frashure said Bulow then assaulted a female officer by pushing her before being tackled by a state trooper. 

Bulow was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. The state trooper whose vehicle was struck sustained minor injuries. 

Police said Thursday morning Bulow has been charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, and possession of crack cocaine, after they recovered 2.24 grams of crack cocaine and $555 in his car. 

State charges are pending in connection with the suspect striking the two law enforcement cars.

Police are applauding the actions of their officers captured on tape.

"We think it's a great tape... a great video.  We think the video shows our citizens and everybody just how dangerous this situation was... how dangerous this individual is.  Again, we know who this individual was.  We've arrested him many times.  Many people in the police department know him by name, by face," said Frashure, "This guy has already struck two police vehicles intentionally.  He's already shoved a police officer.  It's very apparent he knows police are chasing him and he's getting away and he doesn't want to go back to jail.  So we meet force with the force that's given."

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