Thieves steal man's car, crash into police cruiser in Annapolis

Posted at 5:12 PM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-10 06:12:29-05

Annapolis police are looking for two men who beat up a 24-year-old man inside an apartment stairwell and stole his car keys along with his rental car. 

The victim's mom drove after the suspects, but couldn't catch them. 

Jaye Ross' relaxing Sunday turned into chaos in a matter of minutes. 

"...and then when I opened the door, that's when I saw my son and two other people tussling around," Ross said. 

Those two men were attacking her son, who'd just taken out the trash. The two suspects beat him up in the apartment's stairwell and made off with his keys and eventually his car. 

"His face was all bloody so I had no idea that he had been shot. They said it was probably a BB gun this morning," Ross said. 

She and her son then hopped in another car and tried chasing down the two suspects. A blood stain on the apartment building's front window is all that's left. 

"It's never something that we recommend. It can be a dangerous situation confronting people when you've been in a situation like that," Cpl. Amy Miguez, with the Annapolis Police Department, said. 

Police say the two suspects got away from the mother and son, then police found that stolen vehicle here on Madison Street later that night. 

Two people, who were inside, ran away from officers leaving the car in drive. 

"It can be scary when there's a driverless car and when we're in a situation, you know, it's dark and trying to find the people who fled and then you have a car coming at you. It's a good thing the officer wasn't already out of the vehicle and in a position where the car could've struck him," Miguez said. 

Ross' son was sent to the hospital with an injury to the head. 

"I know, you're not supposed to chase them, but we were pumped up. My son had blood on his face, it was just that adrenaline," she said. 

She's just happy he's ok. 

"Oh, he's very, very lucky. He's got angels looking over him. He's very lucky," Ross said. 

Ross says she planning on moving out of her apartment very soon. 

Police say the two men were wearing masks and dark colored hoodies and pants. If you have any information, please call police.