Suspects caught on camera stealing from vehicles in Hanover

Posted at 10:51 AM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-22 17:47:10-05

Anne Arundel County Police need your help tracking down a group of people who were caught on camera stealing from a van in Hanover. 

Police said it happened in the Dorchester community early Tuesday morning. 

Security camera footage from a home in the neighborhood caught what appears to be five people walking through the neighborhood pulling on doors. 

One person walks up to an SUV and pulls on the open door. The others run to the SUV and proceed to steal. 

"That's a family vehicle so the most that we have in there is children's DVDs, car seats in the back, nothing of value, but you can definitely see where the center console was taken -- everything is out," Wes Miller said. 

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Miller's camera caught the thieves in action. 

Although his family is safe, Miller says he feels violated -- but he blames himself for not following the No. 1 rule, always locking up.

"99.9 percent of our thefts are opportunists and they just walk past and if the door handle is open, they get into it and mostly they take change, take little things -- car chargers -- things like that out of the vehicles," Lt. Ryan Frashure said. 

He says he understands people's frustration with those with sticky fingers. 

"It's people's property and when someone goes into your property you feel violated and you should feel violated," Frashure said. 

But still he hopes Miller learned a valuable lesson and hopes people learn from his mistakes. 

Police said three auto thefts were reported in the community that morning.

One incident took place in the 7600 block of Sandhurst Lane where the only things stolen were two cell phones.

Another happened on the 7500 block of Maidenhead Drive where nothing was taken, and lastly in the 1700 block of Sunningdale Lane where the only thing missing was the wheel lock to the victim's car. 

In all of these cases, the vehicles were left unlocked. 

If you recognize any of the suspects from the apparent video, please call the Anne Arundel County Police Department at (410) 222- 6155.

Watch the video below: