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Robbed and pepper sprayed while working the counter at a cell phone store

Posted at 11:14 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 23:16:37-04

Anne Arundel County police are looking for four people who robbed a Boost Mobile in Glen Burnie and made out with over $3,000 in merchandise.

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Daphani Heaton has worked at the store for two years.

She said a little before noon on April 14, four people who looked to be in their teens were lingering around the store.

The male in the group claimed he wanted to a buy a phone.

After about an hour of lingering in and out of the store, they decided to strike.

“He takes out a card like he’s going to pay and I start getting the price ready for him,” said Heaton. “After that, I see him like going around the counter and I’m just like what are you doing.”

Surveillance video shows the male suspect reached into a cabinet to take several phones.

That’s when Heaton’s reflexes kicked in.

“I grabbed him and they like pepper sprayed me and I was like okay. They sprayed me with something I didn’t know what it was either. I let go I think I kind of ran after them too in disbelief but after that, I couldn’t believe it happened.”

Thankfully the pepper spray missed her eyes, but it stung her face and took a long time to get the smell out.

“It got all over both sides of my face because they both sprayed it. They had two cans so my face and my neck.”

They made off with five phones worth about $3000.

Based on the teen suspects conversation she doesn’t think they're from the area.

She watched them run away behind a building across the street and went back inside to call the police.

She hopes they're caught, but is disappointed that their young lives may be ruined.

“Getting caught with something like that, it’s assault robbery it’s going to mess up their lives. I hope it was worth it for them kind of messed up their life and their future over 5 phones.”

Anne Arundel County Police say all four in the video are suspects.

Heaton says police have identified one of them.

Anyone with information is asked to call Anne Arundel County Police at 410-222-6145.