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Pasadena man charged after threatening to commit mass murder at workplace

Posted at 5:25 PM, Sep 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-05 17:26:05-04

(WMAR) — A Pasadena man was arrested and charged after witnesses say he showed up to work threatening to shoot his workplace up.

According to charging documents, the manager of Gischel Machine Shop called police to report that his employee Mark Edward Rutkowsi walked into work the morning of September 3 in an intoxicated state. The manager reported that he told Rutkowsi to go home and heard him make a statement that he almost blew his head off the past weekend.

He also told officers that other employees heard Rutkowski make threats of mass violence to the business and employees in the past.

During an investigation into the incident, officers interviewed employees about two separate incidents in which Rutkowsi threatened the workplace.

One employee said on August 27 he heard Rutkowsi say that he wanted to shoot another employee. On an another occasion an employee told officers that on August 29 Rutkowsi was talking to himself while working in the shop area when he said "I'm going to shoot this whole place up, and I'm going to get [name of an employee]."

Employees within the business told investigators that they were afraid Rutkowsi would actually take action on his threats. They said they were also aware that he had access to firearms.

Investigators were able to confirm that Rutkowsi did own a handgun in addition to five guns locked away in his Pasadena home.

Rutkowski was arrested and charged with threat of mass violence.