Homeowner shoots, kills 2 men in Severn

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 23:22:42-04
One victim spent the final moments of his life breaking into a house through a window in an effort to get help with his wounds.

That's what prompted a 911 call to police.

Officers would find the other victim dead inside a pick-up truck a short distance away on Sandy Farm Road, but they still didn't know who shot them.

That's about the time Sophie Faletto and her husband decided to cut their midnight swim short at a nearby home.

"I saw lights surrounding us, and us living on a farm, we have our guns and we protect our property.  So my husband went and got his gun,” said Faletto, “We thought it was a bunch of kids or something."

Police later converged on yet another house where investigators believe a deadly confrontation unfolded literally at its front door.

"The two victims were at a residence down the street when they got into some type of altercation... threatening incident with the homeowner there and were both shot," said Cpl. Jacklyn Davis of the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

Whether this was a burglary or robbery gone wrong is still a question for investigators, and at this point, it remains unclear whether the homeowner will be charged in their deaths or whether he was firing in fear for his life.

"As far as any quote-unquote Castle Doctrine and that kind of stuff, it's a very case by case basis. It is not a blanket catch all," Davis said, "There's still a lot of forensic testing and interviews that are being done. Once that is completed, the case will be presented to the State's Attorney's Office and they will decide what charges, if any, are appropriate in this case."

The only thing certain is that two men are dead and it happened a pair of left turns and dirt roads from nowhere--a place you wouldn't just choose at random.

"Not down here you don't. It's hard to find this place,” said Faletto, “You had to know who you were targeting.  I'm sure."

Police still haven't tracked down the identity of one of the victims, and they are withholding the other's name until they can notify his family.

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