Million-dollar bond for Glen Burnie rape suspect

Posted at 6:54 PM, Sep 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-21 18:54:10-04

ABC2 News was invited into the Honey Bee Hotel on top of Honey Bee Liquors on Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie where the landlord says Steven Proctor and his wife lived for over a year.  

"He's the brow-beating type that needs control of something," said Russell Willis, who oversees the property.  

Proctor's wife did not answer the door.  Neighbors have spoken to her since her 52-year-old husband was arrested on multiple charges, including rape.

"She says the women are chasing after him," said Albert Marginoli, a neighbor.

Anne Arundel County police and State's Attorney Wes Adams paint a different picture, saying Proctor followed after vulnerable women in the early morning hours and raped one and assaulted another.

Charging documents say the most recent was on September 11, 2015, behind a shopping center in the 300 block of Hospital Drive.  Documents say he offered the victim $40 to perform a sex act and when she refused he pulled out a knife and used force.  

Police say July 12, 2014, Proctor offered the same amount of money, but forced her to have intercourse, in the 600 block of Crain Highway.

"These are individuals who are not known to Mr. Proctor.  They are strangers to him.  He produced a weapon, made threats to both women, threats against their lives and actually used the weapons against one of them, cutting her shirt," said Sandra Howell,

Anne Arundel Co. Asst. State's Attorney wanted "no bond" for Proctor, but a judge set it at $1 million.  

Howell says DNA is the strongest evidence for prosecutors.  Police say Proctor was known to use drugs and ride a bicycle away from each attack.  State's Attorney Wes Adams wanted "no bond" for Proctor, but a judge set it at $1million.

"Any possibility that Mr. Proctor could step out onto the street and potentially harm somebody else is a disappointment, but I think Judge Legum tried to balance out what he thought he had to do under the constitution with the public safety interest," said Adams.

The serious nature of the charges surprises neighbors, but not the audacity behind each one.

"I've seen him mess with other people around here.  You know, he's made a comment to the girl up here on the corner one day she was out there picking flowers," said Marginoli.

Charging documents also reveal Proctor is the suspect in a June 2015 case where a woman reported she was also sexually assaulted by a stranger.  But the charges so far are for the two other cases.

State's Attorney Adams says Proctor would have to pay $1 million dollars in full, and as of Monday evening he's still in jail.