Body of John Doe found along I-695 there for at least six months

MDSP found the remains in September
Posted at 4:46 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 17:23:31-05

Maryland State Police say a new composite sketch formed from human remains found along I-695 might shed new light on who the man was.

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In two months, investigators determined the man’s body had been there for six months to a year.

The clues are still slim on who Maryland State Police found on the side of I-695 in September, but as investigators work their way back, the details are revealing themselves.

“When the body was found, it was skeletal remains – certainly decomposed enough that there was no way to identify the body. He did not have any identification on him. So it really took some time and some work, not only on the medical examiner’s office but also our partners at the Baltimore County Police Department,” Elena Russo, the spokeswoman for State Police, said.

A sketch artist at the department came up with a composite.

The determined the man was 5’2” in his late 20’s to early 30’s that could have Asian or Hispanic roots.

Russo says peeling back the layers on identifying this ‘John Doe’ is not only a tedious process but one that takes a considerable amount of time.

“We’re certainly looking at the skeletal remains as part of the evidence in this. We’ve got the composite sketch now. They’re working on DNA to see if there are any matches of DNA and also the injury. We’re trying to figure out exactly what that injury came from and perhaps even more information will come from that,” she said.

Time will only tell on determining who this is and how he died.

“It could’ve been a suicide. It could’ve been a drug overdose. It could’ve been a dump. We just don’t know at this point and that’s really why we’re so excited that this composite sketch is getting out there in case somebody recognizes this individual,” Russo said.

Investigators are looking into this as a potential homicide at this point.

If you have information that can help, call (410) 996-7881.