Armed robbers pistol whip managers, steal cash from Hanover restaurant

Posted at 2:29 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 18:28:39-05

One restaurant owner is Hanover has increased a reward to catch two suspects after an armed robbery in November. 

Investigators think the suspects knew their target -- a little too well. 

On Thursdays, the Timbuktu restaurant in Hanover can be pretty busy. One Thursday, last November, police say the managers at the steak and seafood spot were hit with a surprise. 

"This wasn't just a robbery, this was a robbery where a serious assault occurred," said Lt. Ryan Frashure of the Anne Arundel County Police Department. 

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He said investigators think thieves had their eyes set on the restaurant. 

"The manager said that they were opening the business for the day. They were back in the safe room, or back in the back office where the safe is located, when there was a knock at the office door," Frashure said, recalling the robbery. 

That knock was two men dressed in dark colored clothing and hats. 

"The worker there at the restaurant said that they made a statement like they were there to do some repairs. They quickly walked past that employee, walked down a series of hallways, and went right to an office area," Frashure said. 

Investigators with the police department say the thieves knew about the exterior cameras at the restaurant so they covered their faces. As they made their way inside, they uncovered their faces not knowing there was a camera in the back. 

"These people either frequented that restaurant, know people who go to that restaurant -- they knew exactly where to go, what time to do it. So we think there is some type of connection to the restaurant there," Frashure said. 

The lieutenant says the two 'bee lined' to the office as if they'd been there before. 

"That office area is not open to the public so no one, who is not familiar with that building, would have knowledge of how to get back to that office," he said. 

Now investigators are hoping someone recognizes the two to get them behind bars. 

"With looking at their pictures, having a very good description, they don't seem to fit any M.O.'s or any descriptions of any other robberies that have happened or occurred in the area since then," Frashure said. 

After the robbery, the thieves ran off. Metro Crime Stoppers is working with police on the case. If you know anything, call 1-866-7-LOCK UP.

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