Annapolis police reminding people to lock up after several attempted burglaries

Posted at 5:52 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 22:11:18-05

Neighbors in Annapolis are on alert after a couple of attempted burglaries were caught on camera this week. 

While the photos may be blurry, the message officers want to send is clear. 

"Because the owners had these alarms, the lights, the cameras it does make a difference," Cpl. Amy Miguez said. 

Corporal Miguez with Annapolis police says motion-detecting lights and security cameras caught these would be thieves in action. 

"You can clearly see the man stop in his tracks as soon as that light comes on, stop approaching the house, stand still for a minute, looks around and then leaves," Miguez said. 

Two separate attempted burglaries were reported on Spindrift Way and on Spa View Avenue. 

"It'd be kind of hard to get away with something in this neighborhood without someone seeing it," Zack Kyriacou said. 

To Kyriacou's surprise, someone almost did. 

He's lived on Spa View for most of his life and says people are usually always home in the waterfront community.

Still he's careful. 

"I mention to them to keep things locked, it's not the safest neighborhood, you know. You think it is, but you just don't know," he said. 

It's a precaution both he and Cpl. Miguez hope people listen to and become more vigilant about locking up behind themselves. 

"We drive around all night long and some neighborhoods are very dark, and it makes perfect places for people to hide," she said. 

...and because of certain measures, these attempted burglaries were brought to light. 

"It's not just good for them, it's good for them in many situations," Miguez said.